The Hidden Histories of Antiques

I went antique shopping this weekend in a quaint little town where there’s an antique store on every corner. I found quite a few small items that sparked stories. I wasn’t going for photographic art here, but the pictures are more of just a reminder of the items that I saw.

I hope that maybe you can find some stories within them as well. I’d be interested to hear them!

Photo Apr 14, 1 31 31 PM
He was rifling through the attic when he came across a box he’d forgotten about. A box that had once been an obsession. A quest for the key to find what was inside. Fragile and handmade by his grandfather, he didn’t dare force it open, and it proved impossible for him to pick. No one could. But he didn’t have the key. Then, one day, he walked past a collection in an antique store and one caught his eye. It wasn’t very different than the rest, but it was special. Almost as if it had a glow. He just knew. He brought it home, and the key seemed to almost hum with joy, a magic. He inserted it into the box, and it clicked open.
Photo Apr 14, 1 30 24 PM
A man who collected green glass because he was fascinated by the strange color. He has deuteranomaly. He didn’t know they were green.
Photo Apr 14, 1 30 30 PM
Maybe all the China came from one woman who loved serving people so much, that she made sure she always had more than enough of her finest for her guests.
Photo Apr 14, 12 20 59 PM
She never loved dancing. When she wanted to feel free and danced as she pleased, she was confined by rules. Her dance card was always full, and she should have felt lucky to be invited to such gatherings. She’d never forget the man who always was on her dance card, always first to claim her. But she didn’t want to be claimed. She just wanted to be free, so she collected figurines of the women she wished she could be.
Photo Apr 14, 12 40 31 PM
She always had dreams of fire. She tried to rid herself of the fire that raged within her, even while she was awake. The flames always haunted her. She began to collect Mizuki kokeshi dolls, hoping that their watery properties would douse the flames and keep her safe.
Photo Apr 14, 12 42 03 PM
She hated the color pink. But one day she received a vase from her aging mother. Too kind to say she hated pink, she said she loved it. Then, everyone began to think she really loved pink. Pink glass. Over the years, her unwanted collection accumulated. She sold them after the death of her mother, unveiling the great secret. After she sold them, she realized that she really did love pink.
Photo Apr 14, 12 43 51 PM
These pipes belonged to one man. One man who had so many thoughts and memories, and he felt the pipe was the only thing that understood his thoughts and took the time to listen to them as they tumbled through the man’s head. He had many great thoughts. One of them stood out more than the rest.
Photo Apr 14, 12 44 24 PM
A woman watches the opera. It’s her first time and she’s thrilled. She scans the audience to take in the sights and sounds, to revel in the experience. But then, she sees something she wasn’t supposed to see. And they may have seen her.
Photo Apr 14, 12 46 58 PM
O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick! These didn’t belong to an apothecary, no. An alchemist. And he wasn’t interested in creating a philosophers stone, but something much more sinister.
Photo Apr 14, 12 48 36 PM
I think this one tells enough stories all on its own. It feels like it would be almost disrespectful to invent its past when its real past has more to tell than a story could capture. It would require very careful, tender research.
Photo Apr 14, 12 51 35 PM
The images this camera had only known happy times. New babies, family portraits. Until one day the camera caught something the human eye did not.
Photo Apr 14, 12 54 47 PM
She had made many quilts, imbuing them with her love, which held a sort of magic. She made them and gave them away until people would no longer take them. Until her home overflowed with them. One day, she made a quilt, and it was her last one. Her last quilt cradled her daughter as she passed away, and she no longer believed in the magic of the quilts.
Photo Apr 14, 12 55 59 PM
She didn’t realize it until too late that she’d left her perfume on the vanity. Usually, a vanity is where you’d find perfume. But this one was special. Magic. She hurried home, worried her daughter would find it and use it. If she did, it would ruin her daughters life, and change her innocent mind forever.

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