Hush Hush

A perfect morning
with the drop drop of the rain
the chirp chirp of the birds
the sight of God’s breath in the cold
over the water

The birds flit flit
over the window
nestling in the eaves
in the birdhouses
they’ve been invited

The coffee machine chokes
sigh sigh into the grounds
drip drip into the pot
slow like cold molasses
protesting its purpose

The scratch scratch of
my pen on paper
a welcome interruption
a reminder of the sound
of the quiet I find here

A yellow flower tender
peeks up over the windowsill
japanese maples bellow
with their bold color
hurrah hurrah across the landscape

The hush hush of the quiet
becomes the breathlesness
of silence
the world sleeping deep
as the night comes

The lanscape fades in the dark
as if it’s not there at all
the dark becomes a great vastness
we dissolve into it
the om om of the universe

The earth ceases to exist
we are floating in space
tethered to our bodies
the drum drum of our dreams
beating within our souls

The sun rises and I watch
the water reach out to
an endless horizon
like the vastness of night
with the thump thump of life

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