The Familiar Place

In my solitude
I am raw
I don’t have to be anything
or anyone else

I am everything all at once
all the pieces of me
my happiness is my own
as is my despair

I break open
my thoughts bubble up
I become aware of my mind
I don’t just hear thoughts
beating me into submission
I hear desire
the desire to experience every moment

I don’t want to take a picture
to a video
or text someone about it
I want to pretend that social media
doesn’t even exist here

I feel how my body and mind
crave that distance
I see how all that information
warps my spirit
stealing my time
and therefore my life
even if it’s just animal videos

I think twice about things
instead of going with habit
I slow down
with more space between
my thoughts and actions

Solitude is a familiar place
but the distance
from the bustle of daily life
means I get distance
from my habits

I get to choose
I get to live intentionally
to live my version
of an ideal life
with no distractions
even if these moments
are fleeting

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