The Song of My Heart

I find that the island life
is more fit for walking

Running the roads and trails
seems like an insult to the island
like I’m not taking the time
to fully enjoy it

The island is as much a person to me
as any human

I want to pay attention to her
visit her often
keep her company
go on adventures with her

I nurture my relationship
with the island
like any other in my life

I close my eyes
hold her spirit close
embracing perfect peace

I’m sure there is no place
more perfect than this
a place that hears the song
in my heart
and sings it back to me

It’s as if everything I wanted or needed
was created on this island
like she was made for me
and I was meant to find her
as if I’d dreamed of her
before I was born
and she came into being

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