10 Things You Can Do to Be Creative

We have children inside of us, even if you’ve buried them deep down. Many of us, if not all of us, have heard of the inner child. But how often do we pay them heed? Children, by nature, are creative beings.

At some point in our lives, many people decided that they were not creative. It just isn’t true.

Every person is creative.

We long to be creative and it’s something that is innate in us from a young age, and often persists into adulthood, but we’ve given up o it. If you’re missing something in your life and have not connected with pure, whole joy, you need to reconnect with that inner child.

With the creation of modern fantasy, from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Twilght, people have flocked in masses to enter these worlds and suspend their disbelief. Many of these people don’t normally seek out fantasy, whether it’s movies, games, or books. But when compelling crowd-pleasers come along like the ones I just mentioned, we all want to believe in elves, vampires, wizards and dragons. Even zombies could qualify as a piece of fantasy that we accept as reality.

When immersed in a world, we don’t question “Is this real?” because we so desperately want it to be, thought it’s rarely a conscious thought.

Like Harry Potter, we all want a bit of magic in our lives. The wonderful thing is that we don’t have to wish it or imagine it. We can make it real.

How do we go about changing our thinking and being creative?

This comes back to being childlike. Children don’t just participate in a fantasy world through books or movies. They’re in it all the time, creating their own magic.

They create forts that turn into castles surrounded by lava. They share meals iwth imaginary friends. They make up stories without worrying about plot. They sing and make up songs even if they are off-key and it doesn’t rhyme. They draw without regard to color theory or proportion and call them masterpieces, becuase they are. They are masterpieces of a mind that is not encumbered by a critic that lives in their mind.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to play? To paint with your fingers, color with crayons outside of the lines instead of meticulously filling in an adult coloring book with complex patterns, or just swinging at the playground.

We know as grown-ups that to be successful in life, we must make it a habit. To be childlike and reconnect with our innate creativity, we must also make it a habit.

When creativity is brought up, we usually attribute it to people like writers, artists, and geniuses. We assume people are born artists.

Successful artists are not born, they’re made through consistent work at their craft. They stayed connected to that inner child and nurtured it.

Some people that are famous for their art have been at it since they were young. It’s discouraging for many people, because they think, I’m out of time. I came to the game too late. I’ll never be good. I’ll never be creative. These things simply aren’t true, and I’ll show you why and how you can develop that spark again.

Some people think that joy, happiness and creativity are reserved for the blessed few. You can have all of these things, but just wishing for them is not enough. you must do the work and make the choice to bring these things into your life. Chop wood, carry water.

Develop and exercise your creativity muscles.

Here’s a list to get you started.

10 Things You Can Do to Be Creative

1. Pick up a ukulele, which is an instrument of true happiness. Anyone can play. They are a simple instrument with four strings, cheap to purchase, and you can likely learn a simple song within 5-10 minutes.

2. Buy kid’s coloring books and a pack of crayons. Go crazy. Color outside the lines.

3. Buy some bubbles. The ones that come in pink and blue containers with little sticks that you blow on. Take some deep breaths and see how big you can get your bubbles. This is not only fun, but a relaxing breathing exercise. Look at all the colors of the bubbles!

4. Try going to a toy store and just exploring. Maybe buy a thing or two. A science project. A doll, a HotWheels car, a Nerf gun. If you have a significant other willing to participate, buy two small Nerft guns. Hide with yours, and place the other by the door. When your significant other comes home, make sure you have a note telling them that they’d better defend themselves or else. It goes over well every time.

5. Next time you go to a fast food restaurant, get the kid’s meal with the toy, you won’t regret it.

6. Cuddle up with blankets and hot cocoa. Bask in the simplicity. This works well if you are also doing one of the above activities.

7. Become a magician. Buy a kid’s kit to start out if you’d like. It’s always fun to learn a bit of magic.

8. Finger paint. You can be fancy and do this with acrylics on a canvas, but my preferred method is to buy the paints kids use and smear them around on a huge floor pad. Don’t worry about art. Just splash things around.

9. Make a fort. You’re an adult and you get access to all the fun stuff. Bring your mattress out to the living room, take all the blankets and pillows in the house and create a hiding space. Pin things up on the walls and furniture. Move furniture around. Don’t limit yourself.

10. Pull out some Play-Doh. Make fake foods and creatures, then squish them all up and start again. Don’t be afraid to mix colors together and make your own colors. If you don’t want to buy any, you can always make your own.

Try incorporating one of these items into your life every week. Or even every month if you decide that you want to repeat an activity. Involve your friends and family. Make it an event. When you let loose and explore your childlike creativity, it opens doors to a whole new outlook on life.

What are some small things in life that bring you joy and make you feel childlike? Post in the comments!

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