The Lakes

Cobblestone skies lay over an undulating landscape
grasses and trees springing up
like the fresh green of a seedling

Blue passes through patches of sky
reminding us that it’s not gone
and not forgotten

Underneath the glassy, cool lakes
where the sun admires its smile on the surface
my heart has sunk deep into the darkness
melding with the waters

I need no rescuing
My heart has found where it belongs
a treasure at the bottom
drowning in the magic of the place
weeping with joy

A wind cuts through and tumbles over the jovial hills
laughing along the way
it slides through my clothing as though
we are familiar friends
I shiver in awe
my soul buoyed by its power

Beyond the hills are slippery cobblestones
shiny with rain
there’s a scuffle of footsteps on them
whispering the history of those
who have walked these streets for hundreds of years
those footsteps are no longer just present
but they are also past and future

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