My mouth had been emptied of saliva
from invisible faucets
feeling like I’ve been driving down the interstate
my head stuck out the window
my mouth open
then stuffed with thick, hot flannel

My eyes pulsed
like they were filling with scorching sand

My throat closed feebly
searching for saliva like a fish
flailing for water in the desert

My nose smells the sickly sweetness
of fast food
and I can’t figure out if it’s coming from
the dinner table
or me

I desperately want to smell something else

It’s like broccoli
it smells good when you’re eating it
but like ass when you walk
into the kitchen where it was cooking

My eyes see the golden air
glowing like magic
the air knows its autumn
so all the photons get festive

My ears hear the clock ticking
and it makes me aware of the deep thump
of my heart
as it rattles around in me
like a cat in the bathtub

There’s a steady rushing
the breathing of the highway
never rests

My mouth is neutral
I taste nothing
but I would love the taste
of Cherry Vanilla Pepsi

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