We were 1500 miles apart
when I found out
you’d died,
you were so young.

Mom cut out your obituary
I put it in my journal
then closed it tight
so I wouldn’t see your face
but yet
you came to me
in my dreams.

At your funeral
I silently asked
for your forgiveness
folding up a paper crane

The lyrics
to Paper Wings
written on its wings,
it was your favorite.

I tucked it in by your hand
your mom said it was okay
to send the little bird with you
as they put you in the ground.

I wanted to let you know
that even though
we hadn’t spoken
in so long
I remembered you
I remembered us
and all the things
we’d been through

I cried
and asked again
that you forgive me
for not being there
to save our friendship
that we let go
into the wind,
the wind that will carry you
where I cannot go
on wings of your own.

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