Home is here
but is also there
each carried in me
like a precious jewel

The home I must leave
was an opportunity
now past its prime

The mountains
giants I fear
filling me with awe

The ocean
cold and unwelcoming
yet its breathing
draws me near

The forests
where I’ve become lost
are ripe
with citrus and rot
my senses come alive

I think of returning
to my first home
where I was born

I find in myself
equal parts
joy and grief
I cry for both

The home I once left
seemed desolate
now its beauty
is undeniable

The fields
where wind
always blows
kissing cheeks

The lakes
intimate and warm
summer loons call
my soul answers

The winter
water becomes ice
snow crunches underfoot
yet quiets the world

I must return
to the roots I left behind
to discover it anew
see the shining jewel it is

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